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You’ve probably heard all about the sinkhole that formed with those first December rains. Image Credit What a mess, right? It turns out all that damage was caused by water flowing from a broken storm drain line. Water can do a lot of damage. Here at Mr. Roofing, we see the damage that wate...

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On the Job in South City

Mission Dolores is the oldest surviving structure in San Francisco. It’s been around since 1776. The surrounding valley, known as Rancho Buri Buri was established in 1827 as grazing and agricultural land for the mission. Today, this area is known as South City.

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I figure you’ve been making lists of home repairs that need to happen in 2015. I want to add one more thing to your list: check your ducts. But, you’ll thank me because it could save you hundreds of dollars in energy bills over the course of the year.

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As we’ve been thinking about our 2014 highlights, we have a certain roofing project that was pretty cool. And, we have the pictures to prove it! Tucked away among the Giant California Redwoods on the northern California Coast, there is a particular house that needed a brand new roof.

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