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Our commitment to high-quality service has ensured our long-standing award-winning customer service since 1989. Our reputation has been accredited by reputable companies such as the Better Business Bureau, Super Service Award, Best of Houzz, and many more. See what our happy customers have to say about the exceptional service they have experienced when working with Mr. Roofing!


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What happens when you call about a roof or solar project?

High-Quality Roofing


Get started with a free inspection and meet your Project Advisor to assess your home's current condition.

Claim Filing & Processing

Options &
Recommendation Review

After your assessment your Project Advisor will sit down to review recommendations and options for your roofing or solar needs and solutions.

Pre-Construction Meeting


Once you have reviewed and confirmed the options for your project we take the proper measures to begin preparation for your home's exterior updates. You will meet your assigned project manager that will ensure your complete satisfaction.

Roof Installation

Roof or Solar

We start by preparing the home for installation and maintain a clean work environment for the safety of our crew and your family. Our work is done efficiently and professionally.

Inspection & Completion

Final Inspection &

When installation is complete we will perform a final walkthrough of the project and your property making sure it is up to our standards and high-quality workmanship, review your warranty coverage, and collect final payment.

Why choose Mr. Roofing?

The Trusted San Francisco Roofing Company Since 1989

Mr. Roofing, Inc.’s mission is to take care of our customers and take care of our teammates. Our vision is to consistently be recognized as the San Francisco Peninsula’s preeminent Roofing and Solar Contractor and the best company in the country.

Focus on Service and Quality

Focus on Service and Quality

Mr. Roofing, Inc.’s premise is to provide our customers with an honest, comprehensive, and qualified service. We promise to educate our customers about the best options for an optimal roof and/or solar energy system - based on their needs.

Customer-Driven Success

Customer-Driven Success

We want to exceed our customers’ expectations, so that they are completely satisfied - not only with the final product, but with their whole experience doing business with Mr. Roofing. We will achieve this premise through the high caliber of craftsmanship and customer service provided by our trained team of professionals.

Continued Education

Continued Education

We promise to continually educate our staff on professionalism, technical proficiency, and industry innovation so that they may realize their own personal and financial growth.

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About Us

Mr. Roofing

In 1989, Mr. Roofing was founded on a mission to deliver the best in customer-first roofing solutions to San Francisco homeowners. At the heart of our business is a dedicated team of employees that are highly trained, award-winning, and committed to quality service. As an experienced roofing company, we’re proud to be recognized throughout the industry for our exceptional service:

  • BBB-Accreditation and A+ Rating
  • GAF Presidents Club
  • "Super Service Award" Winner
  • "Best of Houzz" Winner
  • Highest level of Factory certified by all the major roofing manufactures (Owens Corning, CertainTeed, Malarkey, GAF)
  • "Best Business" Winner
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Frequently asked questions

Common Tips & Tricks For Solar Roofing

Mr. Roofing reviews the most common tips and tricks when you are considering solar as an addition to your home. From ways to find a reputable solar installer, leasing vs. buying, and what size should your solar system should be.

What Solar System Is Right For My Home?

When choosing a solar system you will be deciding between a Micro Inverter vs. a String Inverter. You will want to consider things like how much shading covers your home and how big of a system you will need. Micro Inverter systems are independent power producers for each individual solar panel.

They optimal for more shaded areas as the whole system will not shut off when covered in shade. It is also easier to add to a Micro Inverter system. String Inverter systems are great for bigger commercial projects. They provide financial benefits that make sense for larger solar installs. Additionally there is less maintence that has to be done to a String Inverter system.

Why Work With A Solar & Roofing Contractor?

The benefits of working with both a solar and roofing contractor, especially at the same time, is that you are only working with one contractor. Instead of you managing two different contracts at two different companies, where miscommunication often occurs, you will have a stream-lined and more affordable project experience when working with one contractor. They will know how to best install your new roof so it supports your solar system for as long as it is intended to last.

How Can I Pay For Solar On My Home?

When it comes to leasing versus buying your solar project, there are benefits to both. When leasing a project you have the opportunity to pay for your project over time, limiting your up-front costs. If you buy your new solar system you will get credit back on your taxes. Whether you lease or buy your solar system will pay for itself in 4 to 6 years.

Signs You Need A New Roof

Some of the key indicators that you'll need to replace your roof include things like the material, shingles or other roof materials. If you start seeing any curling and cracking you're starting to lose granules from the product. If water is coming into the property, that's a sign of leaking and that the system is failing. It worth having a certified roofing contractor look at your roof to assess what damages can be repaired or replaced.

Questions To Ask A Contractor Before Hiring

Most people qualify their contractor by asking only two questions. When can you start? And how much is it going to cost? There are actually a lot of other questions that you should be asking as recommended by the Certified Contractors Network and those questions revolve around the problems: the five Ps. How do I solve the problems I'm having or avoid future problems?

  • What's the right product to solve those problems or avoid those problems?
  • What are the right processes?
  • Who are the right people to do that work?
  • And ultimately, what's the right price?

There are a lot of questions to ask in those categories and if you do ask those questions, you'll have a higher probability of being completely satisfied.

Pro Tips From A Roofer

In order for you to avoid having a nightmare experience and loss of time, money and resources, you want to make sure you choose the right contractor. If you choose the right contractor, you'll have a great experience. After you choose the right contractor, you want to make sure you're choosing the right system for your particular property. After you choose the right system, you want to make sure you choose the right warranty. And a good contractor will give you options on the second and third for you to decide based on your needs and your plans for that property.

How To Find A Good Roofer

Some of the best ways to find a reputable contractor are word of mouth, seeing what friends and family are saying, internet searches like review platforms and local searches, and trade associations. A reputable contractor will give you a few options. They won't just give you what's best for them. They'll give you the best options for you and your property and your goals. The basics are that they're licensed, that they're insured, have references, but I think you should go beyond that

The contractor that you're considering should have a relationship with the major manufacturers. That way you're protected. It'll demonstrate that they have some training for their team and that they are familiar with working with the particular product lines. Otherwise, anyone could pick up material from a supplier and actual

How you can expect to receive this information in two ways. First, it will come via email to make sure to give the adjuster the correct email address. The second way you can receive this information is through your mail.

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Save 10% or up to $1,000 Off

Save BIG when you invest in a new roof with Mr. Roofing. Include solar installation for additional savings!

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