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San Francisco Solar Battery Storage

As solar energy systems become more affordable for Bay Area homeowners, the question becomes not about how to collect solar power but how to store, manage, and use it intelligently. Solar panels can gather the energy needed to power your home—but solar energy storage is what gives you full access to that power, exactly if and when you need it.

And Mr. Roofing can help!

Our solar battery systems seamlessly switch between stored solar energy and grid-based power. If San Francisco’s power grid goes down or a rolling blackout occurs, your home will automatically switch to the back-up battery power—no effort or work required.

San Francisco’s Experienced Solar Roofing Contractors Since 1989

Mr. Roofing has been in business for 30+ years, and we’ve seen a huge boom in solar roofing as the technology gets better and more affordable. We partner with the industry’s top manufacturers to provide eco-friendly, self-sustaining, renewable energy solutions to homeowners across San Francisco.

Our solar-powered backup batteries are just one more way that we make solar panel roofing work for you. These innovative batteries will: 

  • Give You Peace of Mind: When the power goes out, you won’t have to worry about essential appliances like medical devices, cold food storage, or Wi-Fi routers.
  • Save You Money: Our solar panel batteries automatically switch between grid and battery power based on the current utility rates in your area. You can save a significant amount of money by reducing peak time-of-use charges.
  • Support Energy Independence: Depending on your system’s design, you may be able to collect and store enough solar power to completely stop drawing from the grid. You may even get credits for producing power! 
  • Make It Easy for You: You can use a convenient app to manage your solar battery settings and monitor your home’s power supply in real time.

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If you’ve invested in a San Francisco solar energy system, take the next step by installing a solar battery that intelligently manages your energy bank and keeps your home running in case of emergency. Contact Mr. Roofing today for a free consultation on our many solar roofing options!

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