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Technician Reviews
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Great crew, great work!

From my first estimate meeting (thank you Mitch Silva) to the final day of my roof project it has been a great experience! Everybody on the team courteous and focused on the great work they we doing. Jaun and his team were awesome to work with and I was always in the know of project status and next steps. The crew cleaned up everyday, and kept me informed of their arrival and departure or any special actions that needed to be taken. As with most home projects, small issues were revealed following demolition, and Juan and team were very clear about how they were going to solve the problem(s) and how it would affect my overall costs. Their clarity and openness gave me great confidence that I had chosen the right company to redo my roof.

Mr. Roofing

Thank you for your collaboration in the construction process of replacing your roof in San Francisco. Thank you for trusting us with your property. Thank you for recognizing our teammates, we are proud to have teammates with a good heart and a strong work ethic.

Superb Company & Roofing Team

We had an excellent Team from Mr. Roofing which included, Jose Gutierrez, Eduardo & Daniel including the rest of the crew members. They made sure the job did not go for 30 days, only about 2 weeks, the Team took our 30 year roof off to replace it with a new roof which will last for a long time. Dealing with Jose was excellent, he made sure all questions were answered before starting the job. Eduardo and Daniel were great, being that Daniel is the Foreman, he really has a great way in managing his crew to complete the job successfully. Eduardo was very helpful in providing us with some additional information as well. We are so happy with this crew and if you ever want someone to replace your roof, contact Mr. Roofing, the experience from this crew, over 20 years, the friendliness of the team and the exceptional job that was conducted was superb. We highly recommend Mr. Roofing and ensure Jose is your Team Manager, because he really knows his business, they all do. After the roof was replaced, the next day and for up to 3 days we had some heavy rain and we were protected from our new roof. Jose must have known rain was coming, because the job was completed quickly & the quality of the work was exceptional. Thank you to Jose & his Team and for their exceptional workmanship. Highly recommend them again.

Mr. Roofing

Thank you for recognizing our wonderful team especially Juan Munoz and his crew. We are proud to have been chosen by your HOA to replace your roof in San Francisco.

Outstanding quality work and very professional

I was extremely impressed with everybody I worked with at MrRoofing, from my initial contact with Eloisa, to Ricardo, and Gerardo. Eloisa immediately responded to my request for a proposal for my project and put me in contact with Ricardo. Ricardo responded the same or following day with a date and time to visit my home to asses the project to replace my old flat roof in preparation for the installation of a solar panel system. He provided a detailed proposal to me within 1-2 days. E-mailing the proposal to me and following up that evening with a phone call to address any questions I had. After reviewing the MrRoofing's proposal and three other companies, I decided to go with MrRoofing: 1. reasonable price, 2. I felt a trust with Ricardo that I didn't feel with the others, and 3. the proposal was very detailed and addressed all aspects about the project implementation. Eloisa followed up within a day to provide me with a project start date. Within a few days of the start date, Gerardo, the project manager, contacted me to make an appoint to visit my home and discuss the details of the project. He was extremely detailed and very reassuring abut any concerns and questions I had. He delivered 100%. The project went very smoothly from start to finish. Gerardo was in constant contact with every day, proven me photos (from the roof top view) detailing their progress. I felt that I was in excellent hands and that MrRoofing had my best interests at heart. I highly recommend MrRoofing!! I can't think of anything that I didn't like. The MrRoofing team and their work are very high quality and professional. It was a joy to work with them - I won't hesitate to work with them again if the opportunity arises.

Mr. Roofing

Thank you for recommending us and for acknowledging our teammates - Gerardo Munos and his crew! Thank you for recognizing Ricardo as well! We are lucky to have them on our team!

Head and shoulders above the rest

Extremely knowledgeable and patient; Aidan answered all my questions/concerns of the process. He took several pictures during his inspection, and described problematic areas and how they'd be dealt with. Gerardo Munos, the project manager for the work came by the day prior to review the contract, and he notified my neighbors two homes away adjacent to mine on both sides and two homes across the street! He spoke to my next door neighbor and placed the sandwich board notice on the sidewalk as well. Mr. Munos and his crew were on time starting and ending; courteous and were very tidy in their work. During these last 2 weeks of rain, the project was delayed. He would contact me the evening before to inform me when work could begin/resume. If he was running late, he would let me know. Truly a pleasure to work with Mr Roofing. Their attention to detail and professionalism is outstanding.

Mr. Roofing

Thank you for recognizing our teammates! Thank you for the opportunity to replace your roof in San Francisco. We will share your kind words with our teammates to celebrate them!

Top Notch Team

Juan, Eduardo, and Danny are the stars of a top-notch team! They came out to replace my 1958 flat roof with IB PVC and insulation. Juan's attention to detail shows his professional level of craftsmanship and care for the owner's home. As a good project manager, he and Eduardo communicated with me clearly each day they were on-site, from start to finish. Danny made sure that the work by the crew was professional and courteous. Overall, I'm impressed with the team at Mr. Roofing and would gladly recommend them to anyone who needs these services.

Mr. Roofing

Annette; thank you for acknowledging Juan, Eduardo, and Danny! We agree that they are definitely stars! We are happy to have them on our team! We are delighted to read your review and will celebrate with our team! Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

affected nearby property owner review

Our neighbor had to replace the entire steep pitched roof on her home, which required gaining access to the side of her house by constructing three stories of scaffolding in our yard. The entire team was terrific, all the way from the production manager David Sanz (who delayed starting the project to accommodate our schedule with a planned family event for nearly 3 weeks) to Juan, Edwardo, and David who were the onsite crew. When they first showed up they even asked if the family celebration had been a success. They took great lengths to ensure that debris was kept out of our (very recently) re-landscaped and planted yard and to protect all of the plants. They were polite to the extreme, made sure we had their personal contact information, and daily came to our yard to remove any extraneous debris that may have fallen. While not our project I had a clear view of their progress from my office, and can attest to how careful and complete they were with the process. It looked like a terrific, neat job

Mr. Roofing

Greg - Thank you kindly for recognizing our team for their care and effort. We do our best to mitigate the inconvenience associated with a roof replacement, especially when working on the neighbor's property. Thank you for your disposition and collaboration because it takes a team effort and communi...

Juan, Danny and Eduardo are an amazing team!

We are planning to replace our roof but unfortunately had a bad leak that caused water to come down our chimney. Juan’s team came out quickly (we called at 4:30pm on Friday and they came out at 9am on Saturday), they evaluated the problem and came up with a solution to stop the leak. They are thorough, professional and most importantly kind. They listened to our concerns and problems and were willing to work with us and our situation. Their customer services skills are outstanding and they made sure that all of our concerns were taken care of. If you are looking for an honest and hard working company, look no further. Mr. Roofing cares about their customers!

Mr. Roofing

Thank you for the kinds words and for your recommendation! Juan and his team are fantastic! We are glad we stopped the leak in that incredible storm from 10/24/21.

home improvements!

The on-site crew was led by Juan Munoz who was responsive, hard working, competent and honest. Juan's supporting cast included Daniel, Eduardo and Marvin. I appreciated their flexibility, communication, and attention to detail. My roof and solar panels look great.

Mr. Roofing

Thank you for awarding us your roof and solar installation! Thank you for recognizing our wonderful teammates and their good work!

Skylight Replacement and Roof Tile Repairs

I contracted with Mr. Roofing to replace my old Velux skylight with a new one and to replace multiple cracked concrete roof tiles on my two-story house. I obtained three proposals for the work and after evaluating the scope, cost, company references and interviewing the estimators from the various roofing companies, I choose to contract with Mr. Roofing. And I am indeed very satisfied with the quality of the work performed and in the professional and courteous conduct of Mr. Roofing employees. I would like to specifically compliment Project Advisor Ricardo, Project Manager Roberto and his crew, Jose and Ray. The PM and his crew worked diligently to complete the work in a timely manner and as mentioned above, I’m very happy with the quality of the work performed and with the professional manner with which they accomplished the project. I would definitely recommend Mr. Roofing to anyone needing repair and maintenance work done on their roof and I wouldn’t hesitate using Mr. Roofing in the future.

Mr. Roofing

We are proud to have been awarded your skylight work, especially after your due diligence! Thank you for recognizing our teammates for the wonderful work they perform!

Amazing customer service

We contracted with Mr. Roofing to replace our old flat roof with PVC (IB roof system). This review is for the estimator, Mitch and the execution team, Juan & Danny. 1) Mitch rocks and played a big role in my selection of Mr. Roofing over another company that I also really liked. Mitch is extremely helpful, informative, and candid to each of many questions! 2) We had our fabulous PM, Juan and amazing foreman, Danny. Danny has well-rounded skills and solved several challenges that our roof and downspout have with his magic. As a homeowner of 90+ years old house who maintains the house regularly, we had specific requests for some areas. Juan, Danny, and every crew member (Eduardo, Miguel, Teen, Rene) was always helpful, patient, and respectful to our questions and input!! Even under tough situation (i.e. kneeling on a small pitched split roof), the team listened attentively to our concern, went above and beyond to offer options and address them. The team had to unload/load a heavy generator every day because our old electrical system can’t handle robust electricity usage. Danny kept working after putting bandage on his bloody fingers from cuts. A leader head box was custom built after discussing an idea and our mock design for hours. The team always tirelessly answered our ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions with a smile. The entire team’s dedication, passion for their job, and value for customer satisfaction is phenomenal and made what could be a difficult process much easier!! I recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable and honest company to work with.

Mr. Roofing

Tammy; Thank you for trusting us with your home and your project! Thank you for recognizing our fantastic team!

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