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Honest company great service

I needed a company to come look at the roof and solar system on the house we bought. Mr. Roofing made their inspection quickly and gave a thorough report and told what we need and what we dont need which I really appreciate. I give Mr. Roofing my highest recommendation....wish there was "10 Star" option

Mr. Roofing

Thank you for your recommendation. We are happy to read your review! Thank you for the opportunity to allow us to check your roof and solar in San Mateo. Congratulations on your new home!

Duplex done right!!!

A very expansive (3600sqft) multistory irregular roof with rain a week away, sensitive neighbors across from a very popular cozy cafe. No problem. Tear-off, haul away in a day. Basic 6-7 person crew with various specialists on the periphery greasing the wheels of their industrious attitude. Extraordinary mix of information, options, cooperation, quality and timeliness.

Mr. Roofing

Thank you for the opportunity to replace your shingle roof in San Mateo. We appreciate the collaboration and glad that it worked out well and in time to beat the rains. Our crews are grateful for the lunch you provided for them and thank you for taking care of our teammates.

Roberto Suave

Mr. Valerio is the epitomy of a quintessental senior project manager. His communication and careful attention to detail impressed us as customers, homeowners and business partners. Mr. Valerio's love of the 49ers is only matched by his passion for coaching and perfecting his crew's teamwork and roofing. If you want tm work with a roofing Hall of Famer, call Roberto.

Mr. Roofing

Mike; Thank you for the opportunity to provide our service. You chose the best solution for your flat roofing in Daly City. We are grateful for the opportunity and your new flat roof in Daly City got a good test this weekend with these rains. We are lucky to have a deep team like those 49er dynast...


No problems at all from the first call to receptionist to the time roof was done and PIF receipt handed to me - crew was very knowledgeable and everyone so helpful with any question I had - Each day at the end of work everything was cleaned up as if no work was done - Thanks to Carlos, the owner, for making what could have been a negative experience something very pleasant. I would recommend this company to anyone that wants a great job done with NO problems. Thanks to the entire crew, receptionist, and owner Carlo for making this a great experience. Everyone knew their job and answered every question I had. Clean up at the end of each day was as if no one had been here. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants a "stress free" experience

Mr. Roofing

Lynne; Thank you for your kind words and detailed review. You chose a great shingle roof system for your roof installation in Daly City. Thank you for trusting us with your property. We are proud of our teammates and the conscientious work they perform. Just in time to beat the rains!

Great Experience

I want to thank Mike, Nick, and Joe and team for a fantastic experience on a project that is critical to all homeowners. The amount of information and detail provided was unmatched, which is important for such a key part of a property. They had excellent communication with me, and among themselves to coordinate everything that needed to be done for the roofing and solar jobs. Thank you!

Mr. Roofing

We are elated to read that you had a fantastic experience with your roof and solar installation in San Francisco. We thank you for making the smart decision of installing solar along with your roof installation.

Very professional

Very professional company to work with. My first contact with Mitch was what won me over and decided to go with Mr. Roofing. Then working with Roberto and Carlos and their crew was very positive. Roberto kept me informed at all times about what was happening. I was impressed how at the end of each day they cleaned everything up. I can’t say anything negative about my experience with everyone. The estimate and the final cost were very close. (A little dry rot to be removed) all in all I would highly recommend this company.

Mr. Roofing

Thank you for your kind words about Mitch, Roberto, Carlos, and our crew! We are happy to read that you had a positive experience - that is our goal! Thank you for allowing us to replace your roof in San Francisco!

Great experience

Roberto was the project manager for a recent roof replacement project at our building in San Francisco. He and his team were extremely professional and got the job done promptly. Highly recommended.

Mr. Roofing

Thank you for your review and for complimenting our teammates - Roberto and his crew. We are happy to read that you highly recommend Roberto and his crew. We are proud of their hard work and for their way of honoring our mission statement.

Solar install: efficient, quality driven work

From the start, Mitchel from Mr. Roofing starts to put your mind at ease. It's not from telling you what you want to hear, but rather being up front and starting with straight facts. From there, decisions you make are done with confidence. Since Mr. Roofing are roofers first, they were able to tell me specifically about how the solar installation would work with my lightweight concrete tile roof. And even though their quote using a premium solar panel was more expensive than other bids, I simply did not have confidence that the other bids were accurate or that the other suppliers, who contract out the installation, would install the panels correctly and keep the roof leak free. The installation was quick, and Nick kept me informed every step of the way, and he gave me all the options including the pros and cons with each decision. Nothing was rushed, quality work was prioritized yet the work was deliberate and efficient. I am extremely happy with the experience and I have confidence that my solar array is simply going to be forgotten ... in a good way. I bet I'm only going to be reminded when I get the electricity bill every month or perhaps when I occasionally gaze at the roof and notice the beautiful panels. And that's how it should be.

Mr. Roofing

Thank you for sharing your experience of doing business with us. We are proud to have been selected to perform your solar installation in South San Francisco. You made a smart decision in choosing the system you chose and for hiring a company that will respect your roof. I am happy to read that Mitc...

This is the best company for your roofing needs

Our condo building needed a new roof. I solicited multiple quotes from about 4 or 5 companies in the SF area. I did this for a living, so I know low price isn't the most important factor in something like a roof. As it turned out Mr. Roofing came in the middle of the pack in pricing. What made us decide to go with them was the way Ricardo explained the whole process to us, the top notch products they use and the long warranty of their products. We were doing other things on our roof at the same time and Mr. Roofing went out of their way to coordinate their work and work hand in hand with and around the deck company and fire escape companies we had performing work on the roof. It was quite an effort all around. I am a very picky person, and Mr. Roofing's crew, let by Jose, did an impeccable job. They showed up on time, never left early, cleaned up each day and never left a mess. The final job looked great, and more importantly, that winter (two seasons ago) we were inundated with rain and we did not have a single leak in our building. What more can you ask for from a company? Fair price, excellent product, outstanding workers and a long warranty. I was kind of hands on watching the work progress and Carlos, Ricardo, Jose and crew were all professional and know they job. You can't go wrong with Mr. Roofing.

Mr. Roofing

John; We are proud to have been selected by you and your association to install your roof in San Francisco. You chose an excellent roof system and thank you for your collaboration during the whole process. It was a challenging project and we are glad that it all went well. We will share your kind wo...

Diamond certified = Diamond quality

Being that this was our first time going through this process of replacing our roof and gutter, we were very tempted to find a company that was able to do the work asap and most importantly cheap! Who doesn’t want to pay less for more right? Let’s just say..there’s a REASON why these guys are diamond certified! because you get what you paid for! Yes, they may not be your cheapest, but the quality and the level of service they provide is priceless! Now I know what it means to work with a diamond certified company! Words cannot express how happy we are with the service we received! Everyday our place looked cleaner than it started with...not only do they not leave their garbage behind...they really clean at the end of each day! the staff was courtesy and Jose was AMAZINGLY patient with me as there were times I could not be around immediately to address his questions and he just patiently waited for me! thanks Jose and sorry to make you wait those few times! I can see total team chemistry between these guys as they work and it’s amazing! Another thing I found out from my neighbors was that they had dropped a note to my surrounding neighbors to alert them that they will be working on my roof and that it MAY be kinda loud and etc...who does that?!? that’s professionalism for you! Although I may not need a roof for the next 30-40 years, but if i did...these guys would be the first one who will come to mind! I am definitely referring them to all my friends, family, and neighbors! Thank you guys for completing my job soooooo quick and so professionally! Keep up the A++++ work! ;)

Mr. Roofing

Yes! The hard work we put into our customer experience is being displayed by our team led by Jose Gutierrez! Thank you for your kind words and for the opportunity to serve you. We are lucky to have "A" players on our team and we are delighted to read your review. We will share this with Jose Gutierr...

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