I figure you’ve been making lists of home repairs that need to happen in 2015. I want to add one more thing to your list: check your ducts. But, you’ll thank me because it could save you hundreds of dollars in energy bills over the course of the year. Which means that you can check off two New Years Resolutions this year: Save Money and fix up the house!

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How Do You Know You’ve Got a Leak?

Over time your ductwork joints could become loose and start leaking air. This is the air that you are paying to heat and cool your home. We don’t want that. There are a few leak symptoms that you can look in your ducts without hiring a professional.
  1. Are your utility bills climbing the charts without any visible signs of a roof leak?
  2. Are you finding strange or unexplainable odor seeping inside? Musty one? Or worse, mold spores?
  3. Are you never able to keep your rooms the correct temperature? Are they always too warm or too cold?
It might be loose ductwork joints. How do you repair a leaking duct? Mr Roofing Metal Tape

Repairing a loose joint could be as simple as purchasing metal tape - not Duct Tape - and venturing into your crawl space and making the repair yourself. Or, if the damage is extensive, you may need to call an hvac tech.

Either way, you’ll be glad you did when your energy bills are not larger than the gross national product of a small country!

If you have any questions about your ducts, or anything else, please feel free to ask. We love to help!

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