Mission Dolores is the oldest surviving structure in San Francisco. It’s been around since 1776. The surrounding valley, known as Rancho Buri Buri was established in 1827 as grazing and agricultural land for the mission. Today, this area is known as South City. We love this area and we’ve been roofing here for many years. Mr Roofing Mission Dolores

History in the Making

With the San Bruno Mountains to the north and the Coast Range to the West, South City is shielded from much of the fog that plagues adjacent cities. At a little over thirty square miles, and a population that hovers around 64 thousand residents, this suburb has an identity all it’s own while maintaining a close connection with the San Francisco Bay.

Since World War II, the population has tripled. The Industrial revolution turned all that grazing land into factories and created much needed jobs. A new BART station opened in South City in 2003 and it’s still growing as biotech companies take up residence here.

In fact, there are more than 2,000 firms (in various industries) located here in South City. This place has come such a long way since it’s pasture land days.

At Home in South City

What does that mean for Mr. Roofing?

We do a significant amount of business here - both commercial and residential. South City is a place we feel right at home. Our family’s have been involved in this community for more than 20 years.  Whether you are located in South City or the Bay Area, we understand the particular needs of this city.

Here at Mr. Roofing, it’s our mission to make sure your home (or business) roofing needs are taken care of quickly, safely, and professionally. We offer free in-person estimates because we want to meet you and understand your needs, as well as the scope of your project.

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