Services Available

At Mr. Roofing, our company has been built on delivering community-first service since 1989 —during these uncertain times, that hasn’t changed. Construction services, including roofing, fall under an Essential Business category of “service providers that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences, Essential Activities, and Essential Businesses.”

Similarly, our solar division also falls under an Essential Business category - “Workers supporting the energy sector through renewable energy infrastructure (including, but not limited to wind, solar, biomass, hydrogen, ocean, geothermal, and/or hydroelectric), including those supporting construction, manufacturing, transportation, permitting, operation/maintenance, monitoring, and logistics.” Mr. Roofing remains open to help San Francisco and San Mateo County property owners with limited essential residential or business repairs.

Protecting You and Our Team

Our first and foremost priority remains the safety and health of both our customers and our employees, and we have taken immediate steps to actively address the Coronavirus outbreak. We also know that when dealing with the Coronavirus, it’s more important than ever to ensure your property is safe!

That’s why we here at Mr. Roofing have put a protocol in place to ensure that your needs are covered, and that health remains our number-one priority.

Our Approach to Your Safety

From online meetings and digital analyses of roofing systems during planning phases, to social distancing practices and communication tools to avoid face-to-face interactions, we're implementing safety precautions that will allow you to maintain the home environment you need—while ensuring the safety that your family deserves.

How are we addressing your health while providing our services?

  • Virtual Consultations
    We know face-to-face consultations are challenging right now, and if you prefer we have alternatives. Using our advanced technology, we can offer Virtual Consultations to get you an accurate quote and the one-on-one experience you deserve.

  • Minimal Exposure
    The CDC has stressed the importance of social distancing, and we’re following suit to protect your family and our staff. If we meet onsite, we will maintain recommended distances and wave or bow to greet you. We’ll work with you via phone, text, and/or video conference to keep your project on-track, while maintaining safe social distance and avoid any contact during the on-site process.

  • Hygiene & Health
    Our employees are all fully trained for proper hygiene procedures. Everyone of our teammates are healthy and symptom free. Additionally, we perform regular temperature checks of employees, wear gloves on the job site, and follow CDC guidelines on the importance of handwashing and sanitation.

  • Personalized Service
    We know that it is a challenging time for many families, and we want to be as considerate as possible to the unique needs of your property. If you have questions or concerns, we’re here for you—reach out to speak with one of our team members!

  • Financing Solutions
    Life doesn’t just stop during the virus outbreak, and we know you could be facing difficult decisions when it comes to finances and making needed improvements to your property. With payment options that include 0% interest and no monthly payments for a year, we can help you protect your property and your wallet. 

If you need critical roof or solar repairs to your property, we’re here to deliver the same award-winning service that we have for the last 30+ years—while keeping your property the safe space you need it to be in the process.

We may not be able to predict how this situation will continue to play out in the future, but one thing is certain here at Mr. Roofing: we’re all in this together.

So, while you’re at home, give us a call or send us a chat—our team is happy to help!