Gutters provide a wide range of benefits to homeowners. Apart from water harvesting, they will also save you from hefty water damage repair costs on the landscape, attics, patios, sidewalks, and driveways. Gutters also protect your home from foundation issues and roof rot. However, they do face certain elements that prevent them from working properly.

What causes gutters to clog?

Over time, it’s natural for leaves and debris to collect in your gutters. When gutters become too full, they  aren’t able to completely drain the water out, and they begin to overflow. Luckily, the San Francisco weather doesn’t often get cold enough for Ice Dams to form, but it is something to be aware of in cooler climates! Keeping the water flowing properly through your gutters is key to keeping your house protected long term.

What happens when gutters overflow?

Overflowing gutters can cause damage to your home in multiple ways. When water is deposited next to your home, it may flow down the exterior walls and stain the siding and doors. In addition to visible stains, the water will seep through the soil and walls, causing damage and or pooled water where it shouldn’t be.

Your landscape and foundation are also at risk of being compromised because of the oversaturated soil from the runoff. Excess water can kill your plants, and wet soil can cause your foundation to shift. Issues with the foundation of your home are certainly not something you want to be dealing with!

The above elements can cause serious damage to your home, which is why it’s important to clean your gutters frequently to maintain their effectiveness. However, climbing a high ladder to scoop out any build up of leaves and debris is not fun, and can be dangerous. Luckily, there is another solution for it.

Protecting your gutters with gutter guards

A gutter guard is a cover that protects your gutter from these natural elements, keeping your gutters clean and properly functioning year round. The time and risk you take collecting debris from your gutters is eliminated, and you will rest assured knowing that your gutters will be clean. Furthermore, you won't be worried about spending money on a damaged siding, foundation, and landscape!

Gutter guards are an important addition to keeping your home protected long term, and can keep your gutters working effectively all year long. To ensure a proper fit and full functionality, we recommend gutter guards be installed professionally. To get started on your gutter guard installation project, contact Mr. Roofing today!