San Francisco Solar Battery Storage

With an ever-increasing risk of California wildfires, it’s more important than ever that properties be protected during the dry summer season.

Unfortunately, though, this protection often involves rolling blackouts that are scheduled by local power companies. While these power shutdowns can be frustrating, they’re essential in reducing the chances of outdated electrical equipment sparking and causing neighborhood fires.

The question becomes, however, how do you deal with not having power regularly?

While solar panels are becoming more popular than ever, they’re not always reliable. They’re great for gathering energy for instant-use, but what if you’d like to store excess energy for the future?

That’s where solar battery storage comes in!

As a leading solar roofing contractor in California, Mr. Roofing has the solar power storage options you need to make the most of your solar panel products and keep your lights burning bright during rolling blackouts.

How Does Solar Battery Storage Work?

Whether you receive power from a traditional grid or have a solar roofing system in place, solar battery storage offers a reliable backup when your primary power source is off.

Solar power storage is incredibly simple to use. Once you lose power, the system will automatically kick on to provide full access to your stored power.

What Are the Advantages of Solar Power Storage?

As a leading San Francisco roofing company, Mr. Roofing understands the unique needs of our local customers. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing top-notch education on the benefits of adding solar power storage to your solar roof.

From lowered energy bills to reliable power, there are many great reasons you should be considering the addition of a solar battery storage system, such as:

Decreased Energy Bills

When you have a solar power storage system in place, you’ll be pulling less energy from the local grid. This, in turn, results in lower monthly energy bills.


Did you know that most grid power is created using coal plants and fossil fuels? Alternatively, however, solar energy uses a small number of these resources and produces less pollution and waste.

Improved Energy Availability

Whether there is bad weather and your solar roof can’t retrieve enough energy, or your local power grid is experiencing a blackout, solar battery storage is an ideal solution.

When you use solar power storage, you’ll have direct access to your own power source. No matter what other companies and properties are dealing with, your home will be much more self-reliant.

Quieter than Generators

Here’s the thing: yes, generators work well during a blackout. Unfortunately, though, they’re loud. If you’re tired of trying to talk over your temporary power source, solar battery storage is a much quieter option.

Learn More About Our Solar Battery Storage Options in San Francisco

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