Residential Skylight Installers

Whether you want to brighten up a dark room or bring ventilation into the home, skylights are a useful feature to install in your property. Homeowners will find that there are many kinds of skylights available too. These features can be operable, fixed, round, or tubular, depending on your preferences and what is available through local roofing companies.

Skylight Functions

When considering the different types of skylights, you’ll first want to decide whether the unit will be operable or not. Just like traditional windows, some skylights can be opened to allow air to flow into the home. Others are fixed and only allow light to enter. Here is a quick list of the different skylight functions:

  • Fixed: The fixed skylight is exactly as it sounds and doesn’t open at all. Think of it like a picture window.
  • Manual: Manual skylights can be opened by hand to allow ventilation in a room. They usually have a small lever that homeowners turn to release the frame so it can be pushed outwards slightly.
  • Electric: An electric skylight is usually opened and closed via a remote control, but has different power sources. For instance, Velux has electric skylights that are tied into the home’s electrical system and solar powered skylights that draw energy from the sun to work.

Skylight Styles

There are also different styles of skylights available depending on preference and where they are located in the home’s roof. Your skylight installer can help you determine which style is the best one to fit your needs. Here is a brief rundown of some styles you might see:

  • Tubular Skylights: Also known as ‘solar tunnels’, these are small, circular skylights with long metal tubes that lead to the roof. They are designed to bring natural light into interior rooms.
  • Pyramid Skylights: Made with four sides that rise up to form a pyramid shape, these skylights are usually used on flat roofs.
  • Domed Skylights: A half-sphere shape, the domed skylight is also used on flat roofs. It can be smooth or made with interconnecting panes of triangular shaped glass.
  • Curb Mounted Skylights: One of the most commonly used type of skylights, the curb skylight is mounted on a raised wooden frame that extends up from the roof by a couple of inches.
  • Deck Mounted Skylights: A modern skylight style, deck skylights are mounted directly into the roof decking for a more streamlined appearance.
  • Ridge Skylights: Mounted on the ridge of the house, these skylights usually have an angle in them that matches the roofline.

If you are thinking about installing skylights in your home, reach out to Mr. Roofing. Our San Francisco roofing company offers a range of style options from well-known brand Velux. Give us a call or fill out our online form to speak with one of our roofing contractors today about a free consultation and quote.