Solar Roofing System

If you’ve considered a solar roofing system but aren’t quite sure exactly what it is and how it can impact your home, you aren’t alone. Mr. Roofing has been helping California homeowners reduce their carbon footprint with innovative alternative energy sources since 1989, and one of our main goals is to educate our customers.

We take a consultative approach to our work, helping you to not only get the perfect solar roofing system for your needs, but also ensuring you know the full benefits of installing one. Using strong and durable solar panels from leading manufacturers, we make it convenient and affordable to harness the power of the sun.

Environmentally Friendly Energy

Reducing your home’s dependence on fossil fuels is perhaps the most well-known benefit to installing solar panels. Going green with a switch to clean, alternative energy is an ideal and affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Savings on Energy Costs

One of the most attractive incentives to installing one of our solar roofing systems is the savings you’ll see on your monthly energy bills. You know you’ll see savings, but the San Francisco solar energy experts at Mr. Roofing can help you completely eliminate your energy bills by adding AC storage for use at night. We can even help you earn credit with your power company through efficient systems that produce more energy than you can use.

Increases Home Value

As the damage to our environment becomes more apparent, making the switch to solar and other renewable energy sources is a goal for many homeowners. When you choose our expert installation services and superior solar panels, you’ll increase your home value and make it more attractive to potential buyers should you decide to sell. In fact, a National Renewable Energy Laboratory Study found that homes with solar power sell on average 20% faster.

Why overspend on energy bills when you could make a long-term investment in your home and the environment by installing one of the solar roofing systems available at Mr. Roofing? We’d love to provide you with additional information regarding our solar panels and installation services, so call us today or complete our online quote form and we’ll be in touch!