San Francisco Solar Energy

Installing solar panels was once cost prohibitive for many, but significant price drops in the last decade have some revisiting the idea of installing solar roofing systems. Of course homeowners and business owners love the idea of substantially lowering energy costs, but that’s not the only advantage to solar power. 

Integrated roofing systems and other solar options are a particularly good idea in California. Why? The  state’s energy costs are some of the highest in the United States and special incentives are available to encourage the installation of solar power. These incentives include:

  • California solar energy systems are exempt from personal property taxes. 
  • You can receive cashback from the California Solar Initiative. 
  • San Francisco offers additional cashback incentives ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on income. 

California is also a sunny state year round, so you’ll get more use from a San Francisco solar energy system than you would from a similar system in a state with less ideal weather. 

Benefits No Matter Where You Live

In addition to the California-specific advantages, there are the general benefits of installing solar power that make it a smart investment in your San Francisco home.

Invest in solar panels and enjoy:

  • Added Home Value: California homes with solar energy enjoy an notable increase in their home’s value—moreso than in some other states. As the cost of electric power goes up, so does the amount of value added by installing solar panels. 
  • Faster Home Sales: Are you planning to sell your home? A study by the National Renewable Energy found that homes with solar power sell 20% faster than those with standard electric.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint: The benefits extend well beyond your household. By choosing solar, you’ll be doing your part to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels. 
  • Energy Savings: The savings are significant and immediate. Many homeowners virtually eliminate their energy bills—and in some cases store more than they need and sell it back to the electric company. 

The benefits are many and San Francisco solar roofing systems are an investment that starts paying you back the very first month. Even if you’ve inquired about solar in the past, the ever-changing technology and lower prices make it worth a second look. 

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