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Are you looking to pull together Valentine’s Day at the last minute? Don’t worry. This month, Mr. Roofing becomes Mr. Valentine and will help you navigate the dangerous waters.

What the women in our lives might not understand is the intense process that leads to us to make last minute plans. We don’t forget (usually), it’s just that when we are thinking about what we should do, the best ideas don’t immediately come to mind. So then we table the issue and hope that we can come up with something better before the big day. Before you know it, that big day has arrived.

We want to do well, but sometimes we don’t know what to do. There’s always the traditional standbys of jewelry, chocolate, and roses, right? I’m sure those things would be appreciated, but they also suggest a lack of effort, especially when it’s the same thing year after year.

If you’re feeling a little lost, I’ve got some guidance that just might help you turn this franchise around.

Mr. Valentine’s First Rule

Beware of the trap that exists in the words “I don’t want anything”. When needing a little direction, we might ask for advice from our significant other and get such a response. Most of the time, though, “I don’t want anything” doesn’t mean exactly what you think it does.

What that phrase usually means is that she doesn’t need more stuffed animals, store bought cards, or jewelry. She doesn’t want “anything”; she wants a genuine expression of love. And who wouldn’t?

Even if you aren’t on board with the commercialization of the holiday and you think that love should be expressed year round, I’d still suggest using this as an opportunity to show her that you’re thinking about her.

The Three Things You Should Do

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Store bought gifts, chocolate, and cards can be nice, genuine expressions, but often you’re not getting what you paid for. If your special lady is one in a million, then why give her the same treatment millions of other women are getting on the same day?

You can still pull this off with short notice if you pay attention. If you really want to make an impression, then I have three suggestions for you:

1. Make Something Nothing tells her you were thinking about her like making her something special and unique. Use your ingenuity (or borrow from others) to make her a card, jewelry, or bath bombs rather than buying them from a store. She gets one-of-a-kind treatment and you won’t have to worry whether your attempt was good enough. 2. Make Dinner Do you really want to share your special evening with dozens of other couples? Going out is nice, but I suggest you dine in on Valentine’s Day. Kick the kids out, or if that’s not an option, hire them as the wait staff.

You might make a mean fish taco, but my suggestion would be to try something new. The key to making this work is preparation. You don’t want to spend the entire evening looking for measuring spoons or chopping vegetables. Get everything prepared in advance so that you can prepare your meal in minutes.

Atmosphere is everything. With the right music and some mood lighting, even a simple meal can be transformed into something magical.

3. Make it Memorable If you want her to feel special, then you need to make the day special. If you do the same thing as you would on a normal date night, then it won’t stand out in her mind. The more unique the experience, the better. “Memorable” doesn’t mean “expensive”. Move dinner to the back porch and set the stage for a romantic evening. Build a fort in the living room and watch The Princess Bride. Take something you both enjoy and put a unique twist on it, and you, too, can make your little lady swoon. If you need some suggestions to help you get started, the Art of Manliness has a few ideas.

Valentine’s Day Comes but Once a Year

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Hopefully, you don’t leave romance to Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. You don’t have to succumb to the commercialization of the holiday or celebrate it the way candy and jewelry manufacturers would suggest. Create your own traditions!

Rather than phoning it in on Valentine’s Day or just ignoring it altogether, use it as an opportunity to show that special someone how much they mean to you.

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