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Are you looking for last-minute gift ideas? We’re getting down to the wire, but we have great options for shopping in South San Francisco. It might be too late to have something shipped to your house, so I’ve gathered the best gifts that you should be able to track down pretty quickly in town.

Without further ado, here’s my list of the top last-minute gift ideas for your family.

Top Gifts for Holiday Shopping in the Bay Area

Gift Ideas for Mom

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer A major theme of the year is that old technology is coming back into style, and leading the charge is the amazing ability to print our pictures. There are a series of various printers out there made with the intention of printing pictures directly from our phones or social media accounts. The HP Sprocket prints 2 x 3 inch photos on sticky-back paper, and it can connect to your phone via Bluetooth. The printer is small enough to easily fit into a purse, and there is no ink required — all the magic is in the photo paper.

A Record Player For whatever reason, as soon as we reached the capability of storing a near-infinite amount of music on our phones, we decided that we liked those old vinyl records again. You’ll notice them popping up in shops all around you, meaning that turntables are one of the most popular gifts of the year. For those that have been hanging on to their old albums, an updated record player (with Bluetooth and USB capabilities) is a fantastic gift that will give your special lady waves of nostalgia. You should be able to find a good record player for under $100 at most stores with an electronics department. Nook GlowLight Plus Barnes and Noble’s latest eReader is a match to the Kindle Paperwhite. The Nook GlowLight Plus is sleek with an aluminum back, a sharp display, and it’s fully waterproof. This eReader allows you to read nearly any digital book, and is compatible with your local library’s electronic book options.

Gift Ideas for Dad

Quadcopter Drone There’s nothing that dad wants more than to win the neighborhood battle for air superiority. You’ve probably noticed that there are suddenly drones all over the place, and that’s simply because they’ve gotten pretty good. From miniature drones (the size of a credit card) that can navigate indoors to tactical models that can carry a payload, there is some fun to be had at every level. Some of the bonus features to look for are on-board cameras, home return (so it doesn’t get lost), and “headless” flight. Double-Edged Safety Razor Kit Men are rediscovering shaving after years of buying obscenely expensive disposable razors. The old-fashioned, double-edge safety razor provides a better shave, and when combined with a proper soap and brush (rather than foam out of a can) men are finding the whole experience to be delightful. If that wasn’t enough, this will save significant amounts of money down the road, as replacing dull blades is a tiny fraction of what it costs to replace a disposable cartridge. TiVo Bolt (1 TB model) Give Dad the one box to rule them all, the TiVo Bolt. It combines all of your TV options from Netflix, Prime, HBO Go, to your cable and local access channels, into one interface. No more switching devices or juggling remotes. All of his options shall be unified, and OneSearch allows seamless searching for shows. It’s sleek, it’s fast, and it record several shows at once.

Gift Ideas for Kids

Torch A few other toys in the same category will be hard to find (Hatchimals, Hug Time Poppy), but you shouldn’t have much trouble tracking down Torch, the delightful dragon that would love a friend. He has over 50 different responses, and when you give him water, he will use his ferocious fire (an illuminated mist) to “cook” his marshmallow. LEGO Classic Most of the LEGO toys that have come out in recent years were kits designed to build one specific thing. I enjoyed the regular box of LEGO’s I had when I was young because what I could build was only limited to my imagination. This year, you should be able to find the LEGO Classic sets in just about any toy department. Mattel Viewmaster This isn’t the View-Master you had when you were a kid. This is full-on virtual reality powered by your smartphone. Your child can explore space, run with dinosaurs, or join forces with Batman to save Gotham City. The Land of Stories One of the most popular authors for young readers (ages 8-12) is Chris Colfer, and his Land of Stories series is going to make him the next JK Rowling. In the Land of Stories, twins Alex and Conner are transported into the magical world of fairy tales where they meet classic characters such as Cinderella or the Big Bad Wolf.

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