Mr. Roofing has become the top roofing and solar contractor in South San Francisco because of you. Sure, we do our part by always delivering our high-quality work on time, but it’s through the recommendations of our previous customers, that our business has been built.

In determining the best way to thank our customers for referring their friends and family to us, we came up with one question — Do you think they’d like money?

GetTheReferral - The App

After many years of roofing in the Bay Area, I’ve noticed a few things about referrals. First, everybody has trouble keeping track of them. During a conversation with a coworker, you might get a recommendation for a good book, restaurant, or eh hem, even a roofing company, only to forget what the actual recommendation was. Looking for a way to streamline this process, we ran across a pretty slick smartphone app.

We have partnered with as a way to track and reward those kind enough to send people they care about our way. What’s It’s an app that lets you give recommendations to friends and family through your phone.

All you need to do is head to the app store on your phone, download the app, and then register. Use the code 4927 to connect to Mr. Roofing when you sign up..

When you refer someone to us using the app, we receive a notification. We then reach out to your referral to schedule a convenient time for us to meet. You can even track the referral on your app to see which stage your referral is currently on. You also get a notification when we pay you! Easy peasy.

What’s In It For You?

happy man getting cash rained down upon him The reward is a sure thing. Dancing in it, that’s up to you.


I’m so glad you asked.

The Referral App Program makes it easy to track rewards for loyal customers who refer others to Mr. Roofing.

It’s pretty straightforward. When a referral you made meets us for a consultation, you get paid. When that consultation results in a job, we pay you even more.

Here’s the breakdown:

Someone you referred does a:

Roofing consultation — You get $25 Solar Power consultation — You get $50

After the consultation, if the person referred:

Gets a new roof — You get $250 Gets Solar Installation — You get $500

It’s that simple!

If we get the referral, you get the reward

We wouldn’t be where we are without the recommendations of the families we have served in our community. The App is a great way to build on that success while also making it easy to earn rewards for your loyalty as a customer.

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