Mr Roofing home going green in 2016Over the course of your time on this Earth, how many New Year’s resolutions have you made? Probably quite a few. How many have you followed through on, though? What’s your success rate? For most people, sticking to a personal New Year’s resolution is tough. We’ve been there, too. Whether it’s reading a few more books per year, losing weight, or just spending a little more time outdoors-- we often set ourselves up for failure. This year, instead of focusing on a resolution for yourself, you can try something different. Why not set a resolution that will improve the quality of life for you and your family, help the environment, and act as an investment in one of your biggest assets? This year, a home resolution is the way to go. Your home and your life can become greener in 2016. As roof repair experts, we know how many projects, both small and large, you can undertake to improve your home’s energy efficiency and carbon footprint. These are realistic projects you can undertake and complete within the year-- and you’ll make both your home and your community a nicer place to live.

Small Projects

This year, there’s no need to let yourself down when you don’t accomplish your personal resolution. Instead, you can start with a small home resolution that will make you feel good for years to come. There’s no reason you can’t combine a few smaller home improvement projects with a larger one, but why not start small, just to get the ball rolling? Once that feeling of accomplishment hits, you’ll be excited to make your home even more energy-efficient. Some Suggestions:
  • Check Your Windows - If hot or cold air are leaking out of your windows, you’ll be much colder in the winter and much hotter in the summer. Naturally, you’ll turn to your thermostat for comfort. Instead of racking up more costs, light a candle and hold it near your closed windows on a windy day. If it flickers, you have a draft problem. You can also use a draft detector. You can also keep your curtains closed and make sure your caulk isn’t cracked or broken. See this article for more suggestions.
  • Install Thermal Barriers - You can create thermal barriers in your home by cutting off heating and air conditioning to lesser-used areas of your house. This post is short, but it runs down the basics and should save you on energy costs.
  • Cleaning Your Furnace - A pristine furnace runs much more efficiently than a dirty furnace. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t even think to clean their furnace-- they don’t give it much thought at all, until it stops working. It’s a quick, safe, and easy process that only requires a soft brush, a vacuum cleaner, and a screwdriver. This tutorial explains the ins and outs. Make sure you read it fully before you attempt to clean your furnace, for your own safety.
  • Ceiling Fans - You’ll save energy if your ceiling fans run clockwise in the winter and counterclockwise in the summer. This article explains the science behind it, and shows you how to change the direction your ceiling fans spin.
  • Energy Efficient Appliances - Still working with an old stove or oven? Have a refrigerator that’s barely clinging to life? Energy Star rated appliances can save you a ton on energy costs, and they’re much better for the environment. Here’s a guide.
  • Doors and Windows - Energy Star labels doors and windows, too. Energy efficient windows and doors go a long way toward lowering your energy costs. If you have old doors and windows that are drafty no matter what you do, it’s time for an upgrade that will save you money and help the environment for many years to come. Here’s a guide from

Big Projects

If you think just a little bit bigger, you can up your quality of life and lower your environmental impact even more. The truth is, you’ll feel even better if you make a big commitment to make your home greener and follow through with it. For these projects, you’ll need a professional. If you choose to work with Mr. Roofing and Repower Solar, we’ll make sure your New Year’s resolution is completed quickly, done professionally, and done right the first time. Plus, we know how important environmental sustainability is to South San Francisco. We know San Francisco like the back of our hands, and we’re always listening to the homeowners we serve. People like you, empower us to do the best roofing repair and installation we possibly can, and that includes green home improvements. Here are a few suggestions for your big New Year’s home resolution:
  • Solar Energy - Even as electricity costs rise, homeowners are using more electricity than ever. Why not offset that usage with solar panel installation? You’ll be generating your own power, saving money on energy costs, and making a huge environmental contribution. You might even get a credit on your energy bill each month, too. We know how important renewable energy is in our community, so all of our PV systems are clean, renewable, and sustainable. If you’re planning on installing a new roof this year, it’s the perfect time to bring solar power into your life. Want to know more? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.
  • Extended Life Roofing Products - Your roof can actually reduce energy costs and help the environment, too. We install IB Roof Systems. IB’s thermoplastic roof systems come with a long lifespan and provide a roof that won’t leak water or heat, as long as it’s properly maintained. Our crew members are also certified GAF Master Elite roofers. An honor only 2% of roofers can claim. GAF products come with an exceptional warranty and product life. Why not have a sustainable roof installed that will act as a lasting investment for your home?  
  • Recyclable Roofing Material - Some roofing materials, such as many GAF products, can be reclaimed or recycled when you install a new roof. Similarly, many of the best roofing materials on the market are made from recycled product. If you’d like to know more about recyclable and reclaimable roofing materials, just ask. It’s our specialty.
This year, why not set a realistic goal instead of being disappointed in yourself when you can’t achieve your New Year’s resolution? With some elbow grease and proper instructions, you can make the little changes to your home that will save on energy costs and help the environment. With a little help from San Francisco’s most trusted roofers, you can really up the ante and make your home greener, more sustainable, and more valuable. 2016 is your year. Go green. ~Mr. Roofing San Francisco’s residential & commercial roofing experts