Have you ever wondered, why do we live where we do? For most of us, it’s a combination of the circumstances surrounding our birth, logistical considerations (such as proximity to work), and budgets and familial considerations rolled into it, as well. You might love where you live, but you probably have envisioned your “dream home” on more than one occasion. It’s the place where, when all's said and done, you want to call home. If you didn’t have other considerations in play, it’s the place you’d like to settle down. For many families in California, that “forever” home is in Woodside.

Woodside - Where People Build Their “Forever” Homes

We like to think of Woodside as the “Goldilocks” of towns. It has just the right balance of everything. The homes are beautiful, but (usually) not so over-done that it looks like they are compensating for something. They aren’t glamorous, per se, but rather, handsome and comfortable. The lots aren’t huge but tend to be a few acres with a ranch-style feel and enough room to stretch your legs without the need for your own border patrol. Woodside gives you just enough “country feel” with land that is rich with Aspens and close enough to town that it’s not an expedition to pick up a few groceries. Yes, Woodside happily sits between metropolitan civilization and the splendor of our state’s wilderness. When people head out of their driveways, they have two choices. One direction will take them to the modern comforts and attractions of big-city living or the other direction for a short venture into beautiful national parks, preserves, and waterways. The trails are abundant for both hiking and horseback, and the local saloon is closeby, too. What could be better than that?

Woodside is a Fresh Breath of Clean, Aspen-fueled Air

Woodside is a breath of fresh air (literally). Our friends and clients appreciate a job well done, and it always seems more like a partnership than a job when we work there.   ~Mr. Roofing San Francisco’s residential & commercial roofing experts