California is in a state of emergency. We are experiencing our fourth year of drought conditions. There are rules about how many times per week we are allowed to water our lawns or wash our cars.  Our lawns are starting to look more than a little thirsty.

What can be done to help conserve water and have a beautiful lawn and garden? After all, our front yards are the first impression that any visitor has of your home. And you know what they say about first impressions!

Your Yard Doesn’t Have to be High-Maintenance

Xeriscaping is landscaping that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental irrigation… This means more than less green lawn space. It also means using plants that are native to your area. It means strategically planning the placing of plants according to their sunshine and water requirements.

Xeriscaping benefits us in three ways:

  1. Conserves water - less time under the sprinkler!
  2. Low maintenance - minimal fertilization, pruning, and pest control.
  3. Saves landfill space - the less pruning and mowing you do, the less waste there will be.
I’ve done a little digging - pun intended - and found a handful of hardy, drought tolerant plants that flower and attract the right sort of insects that keep the ecosystem alive!

Drought Tolerant Plants

The Broadleaf Stonecrop is a flowering succulent that covers the ground and adds an interesting texture to your yard.

The Baptisia is a light blue flower that grows long and lean, offering lots of pollen for the bees, while the New Zealand Tea Tree features pops of bright red flowers in a bush sized plant. The Ceanothus blooms in big, round, fragrant bunches. The trick is to plan for the full size of the plant in your garden space. In this way, there is far less trimming!

Let’s All Do A Little Rain Dance

While the jury is still out on whether a rain dance will actually bring the much needed rains back to California, xeriscaping is something you can do to add curb appeal and value to your home.

In the mean time, driving a dirty car is totally acceptable!

~Mr. Roofing

San Francisco’s residential & commercial roofing experts