Lately, we’ve been making some exciting changes to the services we offer. We’ve spent the last few months examining every aspect of our business and looking for ways to improve what we do. I think we will always be growing and learning.

We’ve also been taking a look at all that the future of home technology holds. Our aim is not only to put the roof over your head, but to offer clean energy and smart home connectivity at the same time.

Mr Roofing Solar Universe

Your Home, Only Smarter

A few weeks ago, we blogged about Wink. And today, we are able to make your home the smartest, most energy-efficient one on the block.

When you purchase a solar panel system from us, we include a Wink starter package, which incorporates

  • wireless hub
  • wall-mounted control center, which synchronizes all your utility information and pushes it to the app on your smartphone
  • Nest thermostat, which analyzes daily usage and lets you adjust your settings accordingly
  • 2 LED smart bulbs so that your indoor power is almost as clean as your solar power
  • 2 window/door sensors that allow you to control certain door or window locks from the control panel or your mobile app
Including installation, this kit is valued at nearly $1,000.

With RePower, your home is actually generating clean power, and you are able to make that power work for you inside your home. Control the lights, locks, thermostat, and so much more with the touch of a button.

Get Connected

Are you ready for the home of the future? It might be like when you were growing up and the first family on the block to get a VCR or camcorder was considered so lucky… Only, you’ll also be generating your own power and decreasing your carbon footprint at the same time.

Visit our website to see exactly how solar power and a smart home can work together in your house!


~Mr. Roofing

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