We would be remiss if we left out San Carlos in our series on the fantastic cities that Mr. Roofing serves.

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Within a five-mile area, there are about thirty thousand residents in this great little city. San Carlos is nestled between Belmont and Redwood City. I especially love its motto: The city of good living!

Basic Utilities and Baseball: What More Could You Ask For?

I’d like to introduce you to two very important men in the history of San Carlos, California. These men, along with others, helped make San Carlos the great little city that it is.

Frederick Drake is considered the father of San Carlos. He took over the San Carlos Park Syndicate in 1917 and was responsible for paving the streets, piping water to the individual lots, and installing gas and electricity. These are basic necessities, right?

Then, in 1938, Edward R. Burton, Sr. saved baseball in San Carlos. Earlier that year, citizens had passed a twenty-year bond issue for the purchase of the land for the city’s first park. But, one of the provisions of the sale was a complete ban on baseball games.

What! Why? Google couldn’t tell me the answer to that one.

Mr. Burton was the president of the San Carlos Men’s Athletic Club. He built the amphitheatre and the adobe brick building and then arranged the purchase of an additional three acres for a baseball field.

Home Run!

Good living, indeed! This area was also the early home of the electronics industry. I’m not saying this is the birthplace of nearby Silicon Valley, but San Carlos was here first!

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