In our continuing quest to highlight all the cities that we work in, today’s little tour takes us to Burlingame, CA.

The facts: Burlingame only takes up about six square miles and the population hovers just under 30,000. It’s bordered by Millbrae and Hillsborough, California. But, what’s really fascinating is that Burlingame is the site of the first country club in California. It’s a pretty fascinating story, too!

Established in 1893

William C. Ralston purchased a ton of acreage on the California Peninsula in 1860. His plan was to build a magnificent estate and establish a retreat for his wealthiest friends.

One of his first guests was the Honorable Anson Burlingame, who had just been appointed, by president Lincoln, as the U.S. Minister to China. While on the property, Ralston showed Burlingame the section of the estate reserved for the summer homes of his friends.

This idea was so exciting to Burlingame that he chose 1,043 acres for his own use when he retired from government service.

Burlingame’s name went on the property maps because he was making world history. He had just signed the Burlingame treaty with China.

In 1893, the Burlingame Country Club was officially founded.

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Join the Club

The city of Burlingame has so much more to offer than just a country club! It’s always fun to explore a new city and this place is no exception. For more city highlights, check out our other city posts!


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