Most people assume that Benjamin Franklin is credited with coming up with the idea of daylight savings time. But, it was actually a 19th Century entomologist by the name of George Vernon.

Vernon had a day job at the local post office in New Zealand. He even wrote up a proposal for his big idea in which he states:

"The effect of this alteration would be to advance all the day's operations in summer two hours compared with the present system. In this way the early-morning daylight would be utilised, and a long period of daylight leisure would be made available in the evening for cricket, gardening, cycling, or any other outdoor pursuit desired."

This was one way to harness the power of the sun and use solar energy efficiently. And to think, this was all so that George Vernon would have time after work during the summer months to collect and study his bugs.

Producing solar energy has been studied for centuries, but in 1887, Heinrich Hertz discovered that ultraviolet rays can cause a spark jump between two electrodes. Then, in 1908, William J. Baileys invented the copper collector to more fully harness solar energy. The copper collector is the basis for the technology we use today.

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Is Solar Energy Right for You? 4 Things to Consider:

As you consider all the benefits of installing solar panels there are four things to consider before you make the leap.
  1. We only install solar panels on homes or business buildings that you own.
  2. The roof should have at least ten more years of life in it.
  3. In order to achieve the most power from your system, your home should face south, southeast, or southwest and should not be covered by shade trees.
  4. Those with monthly utility bills in excess of $100 will see the most savings.
If all four of these things describe your situation, let me remind you of one more thing: the solar energy that your system produces will cover the costs of installation within the first five years!


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We guarantee that your new system will produce a certain amount of power or we’ll pay you back the difference. And, we monitor your system. Should any problems arise, we will fix them at no cost to you.

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