Mr. Roofing FairnessWe’ve been devoting time each month to dive deeper into Mr. Roofing’s core values. This time, let’s look at fairness.

According to, fairness is the “quality of making judgments that are free from discrimination.”

Human capital is often disregarded, especially in the contracting business. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We Play Fair

Maybe this is a no-brainer, but we are always striving for fair/equitable solutions. Whether it’s an issue of pricing, customer concerns or employee relations, we are always working to find the most fair way to resolve any issue that may arise.

We Mean It

Roofing, as with all contracting companies, is a customer service based industry. In your previous dealings with other contractors, maybe fairness was not their strong suit. We aim to change all that. We invest in our employees - they feel like family - and their job satisfaction is very important to us.

Our customers deserve our attention and respect as well. We would not be here without them. Listening is a large part of resolving issues before they even start.

We are very proud of the job we do and the company we’ve built. We plan on being around for a long time. If you’ve been looking for a roofing company you can trust and treat you fairly, you’ve come to the right place!


~Mr. Roofing

San Francisco’s residential & commercial roofing experts