At Mr. Roofing we live by a set of core values. Professionalism is one of those, and it’s not just a glossy word we like to throw around. It’s a standard we take seriously.

Mr. Roofing ProfesstionalismOur mission statement is: “Mr. Roofing & Solar’s premise is to provide our customers with an honest, comprehensive, and qualified service. We promise to educate our customers about the best options for an optimal roof and/or solar energy system—based on their needs. We want to exceed our customers’ expectations so that they are completely satisfied—not only with the final product, but with their whole experience doing business with Mr. Roofing & Solar.”

Why Is Professionalism So important?

Maybe this sounds like a dumb question. Of course professionalism is important!

We are in a customer service industry. We depend on customer referrals. But, when I got into this business, I noticed a distinct lack of professionalism within the contracting industry.

On the employee side, there was a lack of training.

On the consumer end, there was a lack of education.

This was a problem. At Mr. Roofing, we aim to change all that.

Professionalism in Action

On our team, we emphasize continuing education as we systematize our operation.

On the customer side, we always follow up. This surprises a lot of our clients. We arrive on time, and we do what we say we are going to do.

Also, we provide comprehensive explanations on every proposal we send out. It’s never just a list of supplies—we are talking about your home or business—and it’s important that you understand the entire process.

When there is mutual understanding, the actual work goes a whole lot smoother for everyone.

~Mr. Roofing

San Francisco’s residential & commercial roofing experts