Mr. Roofing RoofsYour roof is your primary line of defense against the weather in Belmont. But no matter how tough you think it is, it isn’t invincible. Its integrity can be weakened because of the daily abuse from the sun’s heat and UV rays, wind, and rain. Your shield can give in without proper care, which will leave you and your family unprotected. The only way it can protect you further is through regular maintenance.

When your roof is starting to show the signs of aging or deterioration because of the weather, it’s time to act immediately. But how do you do roof maintenance on your own?

  1. Remove loose debris such as branches and leaves.
  2. Check the attic or interior ceiling for any stains. This will indicate water is seeping into the home.
  3. Examine the roof for any loose, missing, or cracked shingles. Look for any signs of mold as well. Replace or repair the shingles if needed.
  4. Use moss remover on affected parts.
  5. Inspect the other parts of the roof like the chimney, gutters and skylights once you’re done with the main parts of the roof.

If you’re still unsure on how to repair or maintain, you may want to seek professional help from a roofing contractor in Belmont like Mr. Roofing. If there is a need to replace any shingles, experts can help you extend the life span of your roof. There is also a way to extend its usefulness.

Aside from protection, your roof can also provide a means to lessen your power consumption. If your roofing system is due for replacement, this is an ideal time to install solar panels. Just imagine the benefits of having a well-maintained and energy-efficient roof to your home. You’re not just well protected from the weather, but you’re also lowering your electricity bill.

If you decide to acquire both benefits for your roofing in Belmont CA, feel free to contact Mr. Roofing for your roof repair or solar needs.