Working on your roof in San Francisco yourself instead of hiring a contractor may be a great way to save a few bucks. However, if anything goes wrong, if you install a shingle incorrectly, or if accident happens, are you prepared for the additional costs these mishaps may cause? Incorrect installation of roofing materials may cause impairment to the entire roofing system. For example, during a downpour, the incorrectly installed shingles or tiles could allow water to seep in, causing water damage to the roof and the interiors. Another problem this may cause is increased power consumption. Faulty installation affects the insulation capabilities of your roof negatively, leading to higher electricity bill.

Mr. Roofing Contractor MeetingNot all of us have the necessary insurance to cover accidents that may occur when we’re working on our roof. Falling off might land you in the hospital that can cost you thousands of dollars in health care.

Hiring reputable roofers in San Francisco for your roofing concerns can save you from these troubles. But, how can you tell if a contractor is reputable and trustworthy? Remember, replacing or repairing your roof is a big investment that may cost thousands of dollars. That is why you should hire a contractor like Mr. Roofing that has the necessary certifications that can prove our abilities and professionalism when it comes to roofing in San Francisco.

Hiring a reputable contractor to handle your roofing concerns can help you avoid incorrect installation and endangering yourself. We are one of the few contractors in the country that has the GAF MasterElite Certification. This distinction ensures that we can install your roof correctly and that we have the necessary insurance to operate on your property.

Mr. Roofing will take care of your property investment in the form of quality roofing services. Contact us today for more details.