Carlos Warriors GameThe Warriors franchise has been atrocious for many decades.

Game On!

This season has been long overdue! When they say that Warrior fans are the best in the league... they are right!

However, the fans have always been there through thick and thin! Always selling out tickets and supporting the team. The place is always packed with enthusiastic fans.

I've enjoyed watching them be the best offense in the league and the best defense in the league.

The most fun has been watching them play hard and doing their best for one another. They have been the epitome of a team. They genuinely like each other and have demonstrated it this season!

Warriors FansAs a lifelong fan and 12 year season ticket holder, we are 1 more win from a dream come true!

Last night’s game was a nail biter! In his postgame press conference, Kerr said, “I don’t think the biggest difference was the starting lineup. I think the biggest difference was we played a lot harder.”

Congratulations, Warriors! We’ve got this!

~Mr. Roofing

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