San Carlos Solar Roofing System

Looking for ways to save on energy costs is something common to most homeowners. Our solar solutions provide immediate savings while also hedging against future increases in the price of electricity.

As the cost of installing solar panels continues to decrease—it’s 61% less now than it was just a decade ago—more and more homeowners are taking advantage of this energy solution, and Mr. Roofing can help.

Since 1989, we’ve provided superior roofing services using only premium materials and providing expert workmanship. We offer the same level of quality in our solar roofing solutions as in our other roofing products. Mr. Roofing’s solar specialists will develop a custom system that will perfectly meet your needs.

Dropping prices and new innovations make this the best time yet to invest in this valuable home upgrade!

Easy Maintenance Solar Panels

There was a time when solar panels required a fair bit of maintenance, but it’s not like that anymore. Our solar roofing systems are incredibly easy to maintain, so installing them doesn’t mean extra work for you.

You might be worried about how they will affect the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. Our integrated roofing systems lie flat, so they are barely noticeable—but you’ll notice them when your electricity bill comes in!

Benefits of choosing Mr. Roofing for solar roofing systems include:

  • Free, No-Obligation Consultations
  • Competitive Prices and Flexible Financing
  • Premium Products
  • Flawless Workmanship
  • Assistance with Solar Energy Tax Credits and Programs
  • Industry-Leading Warranties

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