San Bruno Solar

The decision to convert your home to solar power likely isn’t one you took lightly, and you want to put just as much thought into the company you choose. Why? When you choose an established company with trained and certified roofers who are also alternative power specialists, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free installation that won’t damage your home or affect the function of your roof or gutters. 

In San Bruno, the solar power experts you want for your project can be found at Mr. Roofing. Why trust us?

We’ve been offering high-quality exterior remodeling services since 1989, giving our specialists experience you can trust for first-rate service from start to finish. We take great pride in providing our customers with solar products that reduce home energy costs and carbon footprints. We can help you with:

  • Solar Panels 
  • Solar Roofing Systems
  • Integrated Roofing Systems

Choose the Solar Panels that Best Meet Your Needs

At Mr. Roofing, we offer a selection of high-quality solar panels from industry-leading brands like Sun Power, LG, and EnPhase. In addition to brand diversity, we also have solar panels available in a variety of styles and sizes, ensuring we have the perfect fit for your energy needs, as well as your aesthetic and budget.

Maximize Your Savings with a Solar Roofing System

While we can install single panels, you’ll get the most bang for your buck by installing one of our innovative solar roofing systems. Our standard systems have everything required to collect solar energy, store it, and use it.

That’s not all!

You’re in control of your solar roofing system—you can manage it right from your mobile devices.

Add Style to Your Home with an Integrated Roofing System

If you’re concerned about preserving classic or historic architecture or that a solar roofing system will decrease your home’s curb appeal, our integrated roofing systems are an ideal solution. With ultra low-profile panels that sit incredibly close to your roof, you’ll maintain the curb appeal and architecture of your home while still getting all the benefits of going green.

Learn More About Our San Bruno Solar Energy Solutions Today

Why keep paying exorbitant energy bills when you could  make a one-time investment in the future of your home’s performance? The San Francisco solar energy experts at Mr. Roofing are passionate about helping our customers go green, so give us a call today to learn more. You can also complete our online quote form to request your no-cost, no-obligation estimate.