Portola Valley Solar Roofing System

Are you looking for ways to save money on your energy bills and be more environmentally responsible? While new windows and insulation can provide some savings, they don’t come close to the difference solar roofing will make. 

Mr. Roofing can help you virtually eliminate your electric bills and allow your home to produce clean, renewable energy. We’ve partnered with top solar manufacturers to provide quality products, expert installation, and remarkable results. 

Want to know the best part?

The cost of installing solar panels has dropped significantly, so even if it was out of your budget in the past, there is a good chance you’ll be able to afford it now. Plus, we offer simple financing solutions to make it even easier to budget for Portola Valley solar roofing panels.

We offer:

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Roofing Systems
  • Integrated Roofing Systems

Quality Portola Valley Solar Panels

Mr. Roofing installs solar panels from top manufacturers includingEnPhase, LG, and Sun PowerThe result?Long-lasting performance and easy maintenance solutions.  The savings on your energy bills will be immediate, and you’ll enjoy additional benefits such as increased property value and tax credits. Plus, your energy costs won’t go up every time the electric company implements a price increase. 

Expertly Installed Solar Roofing Systems

Mr. Roofing is known for our quality—that’s how we’ve maintained an A+ rating from the BBB and earned impressive industry accolades such as “Best Business of 2018” and Angie’s List “Super Service Awards.”  Our commitment to quality gives our customers peace of mind that the installations of their solar roofing systems are being handled properly, and that they are backed by industry-leading warranties just in case anything goes wrong.

Low-Profile Integrated Roofing Systems

Do you love the look of your home and don’t want to compromise it with solar panels? Integrated roofing systems give you the power you want in a low-profile solution that will not alter the curb appeal of your Portola Valley home. Mr. Roofing even has panels that resemble roof tiles for a nearly undetectable result. 

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You’ve been thinking about updating to solar for a while, and with today’s innovations and lower-than-ever prices, there has never been a better time to invest in San Francisco solar energy. Call Mr. Roofing today or fill out our online contact form now to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.