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Hillsborough Solar Panels

Did you know that Hillsborough receives over 300 days of sunshine every year? Sunlight is one of the best sources of energy on our planet, and Mr. Roofing can help you harness the power of solar energy with our high-quality solar panels and roofing systems.

For residents in Hillsborough, solar energy is the solution for cutting down on energy’s costs, raising home value, and reducing environmental impact. When you combine that with our impressive products, crews, and award-winning service, Mr. Roofing delivers a full-service solution for all of your solar power needs. 

Save Money Year After Year with High-Tech Solar Roofing

Solar panels have gone from a nearly unknown home roofing option to a popular choice for homeowners across the country, including in the Hillsborough area. At Mr. Roofing, we offer quality solar panels along with an integrated roofing system—giving you all the benefits of solar energy in an ultra-low profile that keeps your home looking it’s best.

There’s a reason that local residents are turning to us to outfit their homes with new solar panels, and this high-tech roofing system delivers:   

  • Long-Term Savings: What if you could virtually eliminate your electricity bill? With solar power, you can reduce electricity costs—and even get a credit on your energy bill—by relying on the power of the sun instead of your local utility company.
  • Eco-Friendly Power: We all need to do our part to protect the environment, and solar panels are an easy way to make an impact by cutting down on your dependence to traditional power.
  • Improved Home Value: The competitive housing market means that your home needs to stand out from the rest, and with the growing focus on alternative power, solar roofing is a smart investment to keep your resale value high.
  • Guaranteed Performance: Our solar panels come from brands that are known for standing behind the quality of their products with impressive manufacturer warranties—we’ll even register your warranty for you!  

Request More Information Now on Solar Panel Installation in Hillsborough

Mr. Roofing has been serving the area since 1989, and as an experienced, fully certified roofer, we offer solutions you can rely on for advanced San Francisco solar energy. Get started today by learning more about our products after reaching out to one of our roofing specialists! Just call or submit our online form now—we’d be happy to get you set up with a free, no-obligation quote.