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Hillsborough Solar Roofing Systems

In a town with median home prices of nearly $4.5 million,it’s important for homeowners to protect their investments. One sometimesoverlooked way to do that is by installing a quality Hillsborough solar energy system.

When buyers are searching for a home, having alternativeenergy can encourage them to close the deal. In fact, homes with solar powersell 20% faster than homes that use traditional energy sources.

Since 1989, Mr. Roofing has served this community with our exceptionalproducts and award-winning service. Adding solar panels to your home is a smartinvestment that starts to pay you back right away and continues to providebenefits for decades.

Alternative Poweris a Smart Investment in Your Hillsborough Home

There are many reasons to consider installing an integrated roofing system,and Mr. Roofing makes it easy with our at-home consultations, custom-designedHillsborough solarsolutions and expert installation. In addition to increased home value,other benefits of solarpower include:

  • Energy Savings: A larger home means larger energy bills, but solarroofing allows you to reduce or eliminate your monthly payment to the energycompany without any change to your lifestyle.
  • Earth-Friendly Power: You know the importance of reducing yourcarbon footprint and making choices that are good for the environment.Installing Hillsborough solarpanels greatly reduces your family’s dependence on fossil fuels andallows your entire home to run in a way that is more earth friendly.
  • Tax Incentives: Homeowners who install alternative power, such as solar roofing, areentitled to tax benefits at the federal, state, and local level. One of ourteam members will let you know which you are eligible for and give you all theinformation you need to claim the benefits.

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