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Hillsborough Solar Integrated Roofing

If you've considered installing solar panels on your home but have hesitated fearing the cost and bulky appearance, now's the time to get in touch with Mr. Roofing. As a leading Hillsborough solar energy expert, we've helped families reduce their dependence on fossil fuels without sacrificing style since 1989. With sleek, low-profile solar panels, our roofing systems save you money on energy bills and add value without detracting curb appeal.

Think about what a solar integrated roofing system could for your home-and the environment.

Solar roofing not only eliminates your reliance on non-renewable energy sources while saving your money, it helps the planet. Invest in your home and the earth by choosing Mr. Roofing as your Hillsborough solar energy company.

Upgrade Your Home by Investing in Alternative Power

If the thought of installing an integrated roofing system seems overwhelming, you don't have to worry. Our experienced professionals will work with you to help you determine everything from where to place your panels to whether or not you should include battery backup. We take the stress out of selecting solar panels by guiding you through the entire process.

Using the highest-quality solar integrated roofing systems from industry-leading manufacturers, our professionals ensure you get the most value for your money when you choose alternative power. Some of the benefits you can expect by installing solar panels on your roof include:

  • Tax Incentives: Did you know that homeowners who install alternative power such as solar panels are eligible for tax benefits at the federal, state, and local level? We'll help you find the incentives that you're eligible for and provide you with everything you need to claim your benefits.
  • Increased Home Value: When you install an integrated roofing system, you're adding significant value to your Hillsborough home. Additionally, if you plan on moving, solar panels can be a great selling point. Potential homebuyers will be excited about energy savings and the fact that they don't have to deal with installation.
  • Eco-Friendly Home Power: Solar roofing saves you money with lower energy bills and tax incentives while also adding to the value of your home, but it does even more than that. With environmentally friendly solar panels, you reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and your carbon footprint.

Request an Accurate Estimate for Your Hillsborough Solar Integrated Roofing

Are you ready to save money with an integrated roofing system? The San Francisco solar energy experts at Mr. Roofing would love to provide you with more information about our earth-friendly options, so give us a call right away to learn more about the benefits of solar integrated roofing. You can also request additional info and a free, no-obligation project estimate by taking a moment to complete our online quote form today.