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San Francisco Storm Watch

You’ve probably heard all about the sinkhole that formed with those first December rains.

Mr Roofing Sink Hole


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What a mess, right?

It turns out all that damage was caused by water flowing from a broken storm drain line. Water can do a lot of damage. Here at Mr. Roofing, we see the damage that water can wreak on a home or business, and  it isn’t pretty.

And this damage never comes at a convenient time or cost.

Is the Drought Over?

California really needs the rain. But is all this rain really helping? With power outages and major car accidents on the flooded roads, all that rain really has nowhere to go.

According to Golden Gate Weather Services, in order for San Francisco to make up for it’s rainfall deficit, it would need to rain another 49 inches before the summer. The wettest Bay Area winter on record was more than one hundred years ago: 1861-62. Last year we only received 12.5 inches of rain. Crazy right?

It seems like every little bit of rain helps our environment. In fact, I read that Yosemite is really benefitting from all this wet weather. It’s coming to life in a whole new way.

How Do You Protect Your Home from the Wet Weather?

Our phones have been ringing ever since that first storm in December. We’ve been busy helping homeowners with leaky roofs.

If I could give you one piece of sound advice, it would be this: If you suspect a roof leak, before you call us, check to make sure that your gutters and drains are clear. A stopped up gutter can cause water damage that has nothing to do with the integrity of your roof  – If you catch it early!

We know that roof repairs never come at a good time, but we are here to help! If your drains and gutters are clear, and you still have a leak, please call us immediately.

And stay dry out there!

~Mr. Roofing

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