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San Bruno: An Abbreviated History

As part of our ongoing series, we have been spotlighting our favorite cities to work in! As a roofing company, we have the chance to travel around to all sorts of neighborhoods, cities and suburbs. Plus, we get a birds eye view of these places!

I’ve noticed something about all these cities.

We are lucky to live here in California, not only because of the weather, which is awesome and we have nothing to complain about… but also, the vast and varied types of people who live here.

I mean, Californian’s do have a reputation for being characters, right? San Bruno is no exception.

Humble Beginnings

The city of San Bruno, CA is named for Captain, Bruno Heceta who explored the shores of the San Francisco Bay way back in 1775. Did you know that Bayshore Road and the Mission Road/Railroad follow the paths that existed in Captain Heceta’s day?

In the 1880’s, when San Bruno became an official city, the population hovered around 1,400 residents. These fine folks had been developing this wilderness into ranches for several generations.

After World War II, San Bruno was hit by a housing boom. Servicemen returning home to the States wanted to settle here – we can see why! And, by 1960, the population had exploded to 35,000 residents.

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Today, this city is just about at capacity with 41,000 residents. It is surrounded by the ocean, after all!

Claim to Fame

In the 1820’s this land was awarded to Jose Antonio Sanchez, by the Mexican government for all his years of military service. Suddenly, he was living large!

Fast forward twenty three years… The year is 1843 to be exact and Jose Antonio Sanchez has died and just as his huge plot of land is about to be divided among his nine heirs, the Mexican government decides they need to inventory all that land.

This turns out to be a long, costly headache for everyone involved, as I’m sure you can imagine! And then, the Mexican-American War broke out in 1846. Two years later, the American’s won the war and the Sanchez heirs lost their inheritance to the American court system.

After all of that, much of the San Bruno land was purchased by a man named, Darius Mills. I only mention this because, Mr. Mills was also the founder of the Bank of California and the San Bruno airport – which is now San Francisco International Airport which was originally named Mill’s field. Because, it literally was his field!

And there you have it! San Bruno’s claim to fame!

Keep in Touch

It’s no secret that we have worked on many of the homes in this great city. San Bruno is full of stories and we enjoy hearing them and sharing them!

Be sure to stay tuned for next week’s blog (link)  when we visit another city. Which one will it be? You won’t want to miss out!

~Mr. Roofing

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