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Daly City in Two Stories

Lately, we’ve been highlighting our favorite cities where we do much of our work. I have two stories for you today.

Welcome to Daly City, California. This city is considered to be the place where the first shot of the Civil War was fired.

Mr Roofing Daly City

The year was 1859, just before the start of the Civil War and David Broderick, U.S. Senator from California and David Terry, former Chief Justice of California were exchanging very public barbs with Robert Thornton, an Irish Blacksmith over the issue of whether California should be a free or slave state.

When Broderick was mortally wounded near Thornton’s land, the negative public outcry kept our state on the side of the free.

Meet Mr. Daly

This next story is less violent. But totally interesting.

Daly City is named after John Daly, who at 13 years old in 1853, left Boston with his mother via a ship headed for California. His mom died during the Panama crossing, but upon his arrival in what is now San Mateo, John found work on a dairy farm.

The story goes that John learned all that he could and finally in 1868, he had earned enough money to purchase 250 acres of his own and marry the boss’ daughter. He became a prominent businessman in the area, but it wasn’t until the big earthquake in 1906 that Mr. Daly really came into his own.

He opened up his land for emergency use – temporary shelter. He supplied eggs, milk, butter, and kindness to all those fleeing the devastation. His land was more valuable than his dairy cows.
Before the year was over, he began subdividing his land and building small homes on the lots. By 1911, with only a slim margin of the votes, Daly City was incorporated. Streets were quickly paved and the population exploded as the railroad was finished.

Mr Roofing Daly City Homes

Why Do I Tell These Stories?

Daly, California city has been at the edge of the fight for equality since the Civil War. Here at Mr. Roofing we pride ourselves on being fair and transparent about our business practices.

And, the spirit of Mr. Daly permeates the history of this place. He was an entrepreneur, not unlike my father, the original Mr. Roofing.

We are honored to serve this great city. Visit our website to set up a free in-person estimate.

~Mr. Roofing

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