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South San Francisco

South San Francisco, or “South City,” lies within a valley formed by the San Bruno Mountains on the north and the Coast Range on the west, which shield it from the fog that affects neighboring cities. Its land was originally part of Rancho Buri Buri, and later sold to various Pacific Coast land barons and cattle kings. In 1890, the site for South San Francisco was selected by G.F. Swift for the establishment of cattle stockyards and meatpacking facilities, and “The Industrial City” was born – a motto immortalized by the huge South San Francisco Hillside Sign overlooking the city. Since World War II, the city has become a well-rounded community with varied industries, residential subdivisions, parks, swimming pools and marina.

    • Incorporated: 1908
    • County: San Mateo
    • Population: 64,409
    • Total Area: 30.158 square miles
    • Website:


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