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Redwood City

Redwood CityDuring the first half of the 19th century, the Redwood Peninsula was part of the Rancho de las Pulgas, a Mexican land grant owned by the Argüello family and used primarily for cattle grazing. A deepwater inlet extends from San Francisco Bay to Redwood City, and it was this feature that led to the early growth and success of the town. The channel was used to transport logs and lumber from the forests to San Francisco, and Redwood City became famous for its port that could be used to ship a wide range of commercial products. Shipbuilding also thrived for a time. Redwood City was selected as the county seat after the formation of San Mateo County in 1856. In 2006, the city launched a major redevelopment of its downtown area which now features a renovated historic courthouse, theatre, restaurants and various shops. Today, Redwood City is the headquarters of Oracle, Electronic Arts and several other technology companies.

Incorporated: 1868

County: San Mateo

Population: 76,815

Total Area: 34.625 square miles


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