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The Ohlone Indians were the early inhabitants of Brisbane, and later displaced by Mexican and European settlers who divided the land into large grants. The Cañada de Guadalupe Valley, now home to Brisbane, was part of the 9,500-acre Rancho Cañada de Guadalupe la Visitación y Rodeo Viejo. The town was known as Visitacion City at the turn of the 20th century, and the few families who settled the valley enjoyed a quiet, very rural lifestyle. A spirit of independence and controversy characterized this early community, as gambling, prostitution and speakeasies came and went. With a new name, Brisbane enjoyed an economic boom during and after World War II. In 1961, Brisbane residents finally voted for incorporation. Brisbane’s population nearly doubles during the day, when commuters fill its office parks and commercial areas. Its most famous landmark is San Bruno Mountain overlooking the city.

Incorporated: 1961

County: San Mateo

Population: 4,282

Total Area: 20.077 square miles


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