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Our neighbor had to replace the entire steep pitched roof on her home, which required gaining access to the side of her house by constructing three stories of scaffolding in our yard. The entire team was terrific, all the way from the production manager David Sanz (who delayed starting the project to accommodate our schedule with a planned family event for nearly 3 weeks) to Juan, Edwardo, and David who were the onsite crew. When they first showed up they even asked if the family celebration had been a success. They took great lengths to ensure that debris was kept out of our (very recently) re-landscaped and planted yard and to protect all of the plants. They were polite to the extreme, made sure we had their personal contact information, and daily came to our yard to remove any extraneous debris that may have fallen. While not our project I had a clear view of their progress from my office, and can attest to how careful and complete they were with the process. It looked like a terrific, neat job

Mr. Roofing

Greg - Thank you kindly for recognizing our team for their care and effort. We do our best to mitigate the inconvenience associated with a roof replacement, especially when working on the neighbor's property. Thank you for your disposition and collaboration because it takes a team effort and communication to make sure everyone is content.

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