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Redwood City is the Best!

Redwood CityWelcome to our latest installment of cities that Mr. Roofing loves working in! This is Redwood City! We’ve done quite a few jobs out here over the years and it’s always a pleasure to pull into this city.

Government Tested

The city’s motto came about through a contest held in 1920. The Real Estate board and the Chamber of Commerce wanted to promote the city’s finest qualities. In the end, the Real Estate Board came up with the winning entry: Climate Best by Government Test!

These government tests were performed before World War I, by the US and German governments. They were working together to collect climate surveys and meteorological data. They determined that the three best places to live on planet earth are: the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean Coast of North Africa, and Redwood City, California.

It is gorgeous here. And the Purisima Redwoods Loop is a great way to take in the famous, native Redwoods! This wilderness preserve is a seven mile loop that gains about one thousand feet in elevation. It’s unlike anything else in the world.

Citizen Approved

Redwood City is also home to Dreamworks studios and Sequoia High School which is only slightly younger than Stanford University and is registered on the National registry of historic places. It was the very first high school on the peninsula.

It’s always so much fun to call this part of California, home! As always, if you are looking for help with your roof, we are always here! Visit our website to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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