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Professionalism Distinguishes the Best

At Mr. Roofing we live by a set of core values. Professionalism is one of those, and it’s not just a glossy word we like to throw around. It’s a standard we take seriously. Our mission statement is: “Mr. Roofing & Solar’s premise is to provide our customers with an honest, comprehensive, and qualified service. […]

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Mr. Roofing Celebrates 25 Years!

My father started Mr. Roofing in 1989, twenty-five years ago, and in all honesty I never would have guessed that I’d find myself here. It has changed my life. I’ve never seen roofing as the most glamorous or exciting line of work, but it’s certainly necessary. I had my sights set on a college degree. […]

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Why Make your Home Energy-Efficient: Top 5 Reasons

Being energy-efficient isn’t just a fad that today’s generation is getting into. Aside from helping reduce pollution and clean the environment, it has more benefits than you think. What does being energy-efficient mean? Being efficient means doing more with less. The benefits of this are almost endless, but the Top 5 reasons you should make […]

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Surviving Extreme Heat: Your Roof Can Help

The heat of the famous Californian sun can be difficult for some, if not unbearable. Residents just have to bear with it and adopt measures to find their comfort. Make way because the hotness is back again, as this recent report: The drought has now parched not only parts of Northern California, all of Central […]

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