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Mr Roofing Burlingame Country ClubOriginally part of Rancho San Mateo, the land on which Burlingame would be built changed hands several times during the late 19th century. One of the early owners was the Honorable Anson Burlingame, the United States Minister to China. The town grew very slowly until 1906, when refugees from the San Francisco earthquake flocked south in search of a safe residential area. The first town planners passed laws against cutting or destroying trees, and more than 18,000 trees now grow within the “City of Trees.” Due to its proximity to San Francisco International Airport, many businesses located in Burlingame serve the airline industry. Fine hotels are situated along the Bayfront, making Burlingame a vacation draw for visitors to the Bay Area.

Incorporated: 1908

County: San Mateo

Population: 28,806

Total Area: 6.057 square miles


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