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This Month in San Francisco History

We’re a roofing company in South San Francisco, so we’re naturally invested in our city and the surrounding neighborhoods. Though it’s enjoyed a relatively short life compared to other United States cities, San Francisco still has a rich and full history. We see history every day in the homes we work on. We see it […]

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Mr Roofing home going green in 2016

Go Green in 2016

Over the course of your time on this Earth, how many New Year’s resolutions have you made? Probably quite a few. How many have you followed through on, though? What’s your success rate? For most people, sticking to a personal New Year’s resolution is tough. We’ve been there, too. Whether it’s reading a few more […]

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Woodside California

Neighborhood Spotlight: Woodside

Have you ever wondered, why do we live where we do? For most of us, it’s a combination of the circumstances surrounding our birth, logistical considerations (such as proximity to work), and budgets and familial considerations rolled into it, as well. You might love where you live, but you probably have envisioned your “dream home” […]

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Foster City

Neighborhood Spotlight: Foster City

In our day-to-day life as a roofing company, we provide work to a variety of communities surrounding South San Francisco. As we continue to work in and explore these cities, towns, and neighborhoods, we document what we love about each one. We hope to provide a little history where we can, too. We’ve already focused […]

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House model and plans


Let me tell you about a real lesson I learned– the hard way. I once needed a specialist for a health-related problem. I had a recommendation from a friend for an absolute pro, the best in his field in the area, who also instructed at San Jose on the side. When I went to meet […]

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When future civilizations look back at us, they’ll likely ask two questions: where was the 49ers defense during week 2, and why did it take people so long to switch to solar energy? With lower water levels reducing hydropower and environmental restrictions among our coastal power plants, we already have a state that is looking […]

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Mr. Roofing is Worth the Wait

We’ve been pretty busy lately and I wanted to take a moment to sit down and explain what’s been going on. The truth is, my newest customers are experiencing a little bit of a wait time. On one hand, this is a great problem to have. On the other hand, it’s tough to ask new […]

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Colma, California: The City of Cemeteries

It all started in 1902 when the city of San Francisco, California, passed an ordinance forbidding interment within city limits. So, officials incorporated the land five miles due south of San Francisco to be used as cemeteries. At the time, politicians said that cemeteries (and, more specifically, dead bodies) spread diseases. In reality, the cost […]

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Is Your Home Full of Hot Air?

During the rainy months, I blogged about how to protect your roof from the elements. Now that summer is here, it might be a good idea to talk about the best ways to keep your home comfortable and keep your utility bills from skyrocketing. We all need a roof over our heads, but a roof […]

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